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Its alive! The first ride of my 1150 RT-P

Oh God, it happened!

With a slight delay, but nevertheless. Two days ago my friend came to visit (with my own bike, by the way, grin!) me in my scarface misery and out of nowhere he said we should wake the beast in the garage. Oh my: my hearth began pounding only when I’ve heard my motorcycle coming down the street and now waking up the sleeping princess? Hmm, why not!

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Motorcycle lights in 3d concepts and small production bikes

Some more lights concepts I have found online. Besides lights I observe other important design elements of the bikes. OMG some of these are just amazing.

Consistent with their  vehicles concepts, BMW shows off their inventions

BMW’s concepts

I really like many of BMW boxer concept bikes. Oh, wonder why, right – being an BMW boxer sycho.

From EICMA 2008 known Lo Rider concept introduced by David Robb’s team at BMW.

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The saga of 1150 RT-P

Here, children, let me tell ya a story about a police BMW and how I managed to get it run and drive. 

I got this bike as a burned-down relic, being warehoused by police in a hangar that had burned down. Yes, the Police techicians had been a bit lazy and they had left half a dozen machines (also cars) filling accumulators. Something happened and the hangar cought on fire and two 1150 RT-P’s were severly burnt. Not only that, afterwards they were used for spare parts resources. And after that one of them got into my hands. Everybody said I was stupid and so I was. But I am not sorry – conversely I am all happiness! For now :)

The wiring hassle

First, the bike got burned-down wiring harness. To get it anywhere I had to find the right one (RT-P double spark!) and wire all the possible connections to it. This was a major hassle. BMW has been consistent with information about model differences and there is loads of knowledgeable people online, to no avail. I had to experience the blast of finding the proper wiring harness with trial&error. Fortunately I’ve just bought two wrong ones :)

I felt like I have just pulled the brains out of a tiger. It certainly was messy and … wiery.

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Motorcycle front lights inspiration from digital art

Vehicle lights are eyes. People perceive vehicles as living creatures, they subconsciously attribute them behavioral properties and communicate with them as if they were human. This is why vehicle lights are one of the most important design element of  the vehicle.

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Motorcycle front lights designs and concepts

Lights inspiration

I am searching for inspiration on motorcycle lights for my project of BMW 1150 RT.
First here are some production designs, aftermarket mods and DIYs I find interesting design-wise.

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Shy crawler motorcycle concept

My first venture in 3D modelling. Software used: Google Sketchup. The motorcycle base was downloaded from Google’s base of models, the fairing, lights and windshield my work. The whole thing from zero knowledge about 3D design to this concept took me about 6 hours.

I am actually really satisfied with the result I didn’t dare to dream I would be able to draw anything in 3D as fast.
I’ll draw some other concepts I have done by hand here and then see what becomes of all this.

By the way there is some of online resources for 3D graphics, but none really specialized in motorcycles. Do you know any?
Here is what I know so far:

  • Biggest (and clunckiest :S) website of online digital arts portfoliosCGSociety
  • The obvious renown Deviant Art is still so rich on digital content Deviant Art
  • Vast database of 3D models:

Drawing motorcycles

Please allow me to dream.