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Its alive! The first ride of my 1150 RT-P

Oh God, it happened!

With a slight delay, but nevertheless. Two days ago my friend came to visit (with my own bike, by the way, grin!) me in my scarface misery and out of nowhere he said we should wake the beast in the garage. Oh my: my hearth began pounding only when I’ve heard my motorcycle coming down the street and now waking up the sleeping princess? Hmm, why not!

Intermezzo – Let me just point out that my scareface and my being-home indeed has a connection. I’ve had a bicycle (!!)) accident last saturday when half of my face got torn off  (ok not really, but hey, must be dramatic, right!). Shit, seems I really need a lamp on my bike :)

And — it happened. See it for yourself. And don’t mind the Slovenian gibberish, its nothing worth mentioning what I am saying there.

The sound sucks

I know, the sounds! Disgusting right! Yes, The sound is crappy as the exhaust is not wrenched-in properly and besides that the stock pipes are silencers. Silencing everything bad and good coming out of that boxer. In the future I will have to replace those I think, but first things first, I have a long list of to-do’s to get it even driveable.

And — the brakes don’t work. The integral ABS II was the only thing that left me clueless what else I can do in my garage. I have read through each and every ABS setting tutorial on the web and tried to get those working with no luck. Still air in the system, or – God forbid – faulty ABS compressor module. Hmm, that would be too bad in one way and interesting in another as I would be forced to make (an illegal) bypass or (illegal too) ABS III. Nah, stop right there, It must work.

The reason for such happines seeing this thing run? Well, you should know what hassles I’ve gone through getting to this point. It was an episode.

Read here about how it all began with this project!

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