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Motorcycle lights in 3d concepts and small production bikes

Some more lights concepts I have found online. Besides lights I observe other important design elements of the bikes. OMG some of these are just amazing.

Consistent with their  vehicles concepts, BMW shows off their inventions

BMW’s concepts

I really like many of BMW boxer concept bikes. Oh, wonder why, right – being an BMW boxer sycho.

From EICMA 2008 known Lo Rider concept introduced by David Robb’s team at BMW.

Robb’s team introduced the whole set of these concepts. They all are “cafee racer” style with only two light options.

You can find the whole plethora here:


Wunderlich had some impressive BMW creations:

A German K1300R Beast

Whoa! Proper Beast, right?

SE service Harrier

Not only a 3D concept, but flesh&bones: this one deserves a whole new post, but it does have light too :)

Utilisation over everything is the song here, and the light displaced hardly usable down under displays the true nature of this bike: it is a track racer ultimate poser machine – but nevertheless a gem in design. (omg what a shite website :S)

Se service Slugger sports a BMW original street legal lights – stripped off everything offcourse


Other mindbowing oncepts

You can not argue about the specialty of  confederate. All details really polished and everything communicates that really minimalistic and technofile attitude towards 2wheel technology.

In the tech-frenzy customs segment  Renard GT1 is also worth mentioning. Its frontlight is a really likable mix of contemporary techno style but in classical big round form. Really nice. Let me add that these are not really concepts bikes as they are production ready. A production of few tens a year actually, but nevertheless.


I don’t particularly like this concept, but it is notably special and is perfect in terms of craftsmanship


Another beautifully crafted motorcycle from the caffe racer  world. Lights? Well, nothing new, nothing special, but I can not stress enough how these round simplies fit this looks. More pics here:

Another caferacer beauty. OMG is it ugly :)

And the caferacer winner:


The pure 3D creations

Getting to more natural forms, this design doesn’t follow any functional directive, but rather a pure aesthetics concept.

Some more ugly — eeerm — agresiveness?

Hey where are the lights?

Hey where are the drones :D



I have found my new favorite Motorcycle blog today: Whoa, so cool!


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