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Motorcycle front lights designs and concepts

Lights inspiration

I am searching for inspiration on motorcycle lights for my project of BMW 1150 RT.
First here are some production designs, aftermarket mods and DIYs I find interesting design-wise.


First of all lets look at some of the top-notch industry design. BMW that is :)

BMW has really innovated a lot in terms of lights. For my BMW addict ass this doesn’t come as a surprise, so here goes a few BMW marvels.

It seems some designs are so radical people get split between lovers and haters.


Distinct irregular main lights on BMW 1200 GS Adventure were introduced in the first version in 1999 on 1150 series of boxer twins.

I think (not sure) BMW 1600 GT is the first to introduce BMWs renown “Angel Eyes”. No wonder, since aftermarket in car and also motorbike industry has exploded with “Angel Eyes” upgrades and mods. And upgrades and mods. 

The same model K1600 has also brought a new invention long known to automobile industry: directional lighting, or as they call it “adaptive headlight”

BMW’s sports line is also rich

BMW S 1000 RR uneven, strange, peculiar lights. It is hard to miss this bike on road and it sure is something lovers of other brands hate really much.

There are however other brands too

KTM also has few distinctive lights designs:

Or in the adventure / ralley segment even more interesting

I find Kawasaki Verys very different too:


And Moto Morini (RIP) Gran Passo is interesting and weird looking too:


And lets not forget about Yamaha Teneré with fresh design remake from their previous legendary Teneré series.

Aftermarket is … crowded but not overly inventive in terms of design

Some custom LED lightworks from this interesting site:
There is really loads of other lighting stuff they have … or … sell or ugh … whatever?!


Hella lights on this r 1100 gs really did the trick. You get much smaller, ligher and brighter, more efficient, better looking, popular and more expensive xenon lights. Some guys like Sibirsky Extreeme really helped with the hype: see his website or Advrider forum about his rebuild.

There is a whole lot of HID lights upgrade info on net on forums in tutorials (PDF)  and dedicated pages too. 



Next time I’ll get deep into concepts,  3D models and science fiction of motorcycle lights, vehicle lights and other machine’s lights/eyes that inspire my  Burned R1150RT project I work on currently.

Let’s just throw a bone for starters:


*I tried to give proper credit to authors for pictures by linking to the article source. Please contact me for any rights violation I shall be quick to remove stolen stuff.




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