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Motorcycle front lights inspiration from digital art

Vehicle lights are eyes. People perceive vehicles as living creatures, they subconsciously attribute them behavioral properties and communicate with them as if they were human. This is why vehicle lights are one of the most important design element of  the vehicle.

Well, a vehicle without lights is pretty useless in terms of road security and ability which makes lights one of core properties of a vehicle anyway, consequentially, one of core design elements.

It is interesting that people have always attributed some special power to eyes, Super Man had laser vision, a light coming OUT of eyes:

This is contrary to what happens in human eyes (or any other, actually) , really: eyes capture light beams bouncing from surfaces. Vehicles emit light too – in the same weird fashion as Superman does. Physics aside, vehicle lights are design elements that have something to do with seeing: they ARE are eyes.

To get the wildest ideas for my motorcycle concept I’ve gone Googling what wild ideas conceptual 3D arists have. Their robo-creatures and sci-fi vehicles are amazing.

Sometimes stupid-looking means more fear than pity. The stupid raw power.

I really liked the District 9 robot suit. NO eyes this time, but again raw stupid power look. Really looks great.

Three eyes are scary.


One eye is emotion-less.

You can’t se eyes, btu you know they are there.

Standard bug eyes … in robot version. Emotionless machine.


Lights are eyes.

Aagain, lights as eyes. This three-fold setup is actually common in sci-fi arragements. It is not actually really a sci-fi:

Drinking to forget sadness?


Again, no lights. But periscopes and features that make clear where the “vision” is.


Other sources

There is a whole book dedicated to Concept vehicles by Scott Robertson, here: DRIVE: vehicle sketches and renderings by Scott Robertson


By the way, I’ve just found my favorite concepts 3D design blog: WOW!