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Shy crawler motorcycle concept

My first venture in 3D modelling. Software used: Google Sketchup. The motorcycle base was downloaded from Google’s base of models, the fairing, lights and windshield my work. The whole thing from zero knowledge about 3D design to this concept took me about 6 hours.

I am actually really satisfied with the result I didn’t dare to dream I would be able to draw anything in 3D as fast.
I’ll draw some other concepts I have done by hand here and then see what becomes of all this.

By the way there is some of online resources for 3D graphics, but none really specialized in motorcycles. Do you know any?
Here is what I know so far:

  • Biggest (and clunckiest :S) website of online digital arts portfoliosCGSociety
  • The obvious renown Deviant Art is still so rich on digital content Deviant Art
  • Vast database of 3D models: