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The saga of 1150 RT-P

Here, children, let me tell ya a story about a police BMW and how I managed to get it run and drive. 

I got this bike as a burned-down relic, being warehoused by police in a hangar that had burned down. Yes, the Police techicians had been a bit lazy and they had left half a dozen machines (also cars) filling accumulators. Something happened and the hangar cought on fire and two 1150 RT-P’s were severly burnt. Not only that, afterwards they were used for spare parts resources. And after that one of them got into my hands. Everybody said I was stupid and so I was. But I am not sorry – conversely I am all happiness! For now :)

The wiring hassle

First, the bike got burned-down wiring harness. To get it anywhere I had to find the right one (RT-P double spark!) and wire all the possible connections to it. This was a major hassle. BMW has been consistent with information about model differences and there is loads of knowledgeable people online, to no avail. I had to experience the blast of finding the proper wiring harness with trial&error. Fortunately I’ve just bought two wrong ones :)

I felt like I have just pulled the brains out of a tiger. It certainly was messy and … wiery.

The light shine

Before seeing the lights of life on it I had to get the right handlebar controls. And that wasn’t easy either. As I had installed the r1150R harness I also had to buy the R controllers. With the right plugs off course. Thank God for and at the same time I think DHL and the lot should burn in hell for the rates I’ve paid them.
1150rtp  seeing lights lit

Here is also an advrider thread about the thing  (not to long unfortunatelly, noone knew)

Starting … to try starting it

With all wired I tried to start – with no luck. If I only knew what all else was missing!

First, no gas pump whine at ignition-on. Oh, what? The pump was inside the (burned) tank, so it should not be affected by the heat. Well, it was. Or maybe it was affected by the blast currents the failed ACU filler might had produced. Whatever, I needed cheap pump, and NO I am not paying triple times for original BMW crap. Got something nice for 70€ that produces 2.1 bars and hacked it in. Shiish, I hope I’ll never see that one again (yes, I know I will, though).

(Also, should I mention the trick with the kick-stand not being connected that had me puzzled why there is no pump whine. No. That would be too stupid to forget.

All wet sprinklers, allright sparky! Only, it still won’t start and … wait, Sparky, where is the spark? Dammit!
By the time I’ve learned how to properly test for spark (no, cylinder heads aren’t grounded enough! and NO its not good enough if you turn the engine by hand!), I’ve also got a friend over and we’ve build the whole LED testing thing for the Hall sensor which I was advised to check next. I was grateful to my friend that we learned that Hall sensor was ok – and that the whole afternoon of electro tweakage was actually in vain.
Hmm, what then, the coil? Hmm there should be two coils, right, for 4 plugs. No! Just one? Wait a moment … Ah, well, we’ve got 3 coils, actually – still don’t know how they are connected though – but none of them work if the biggest one is toast. Luckily I got one spare form my 1100 and … the coil was toast :O woow. Luckily I got that spare near…

Ready for the worst: failed Motronic central computer unit

Now, it should run, the starter now works, yeeha! Turning, turning, turning … and puffing and only death breath. Shite. What else? Oh no, is the Motronic toast too? Oh, well, lets read all advrider again. And I did and … found nothing much.
Quite depressed I’ve called for help, a man from Slovenian forums with the fault-codes reader. He was the nicest person ever and the reader said TPS. Oh no. Fortunatelly I’ve got my 1100 just there, swapped and … we’ve got a working machine!

Shit that was a horror movie.

One thing that kept me going was this view:

Oh, yes, this WILL be awesome.

Getting to drive – NOT so fast!

Once that day in december I finnaly got it running but there was something terribly wrong with the clutch. Oh no, not the clutch! With the biggest fears I began to rip apart the bike again and to to my biggest surprise (and relief, actually) it wasn’t a clutch. It wasn’t ONLY the clutch to be precise. Actually it was (possibly) the clutch slave cylinder, which I had replaced. And then bleed the clutch and see it moving …

Aaaand  … it was ALSO the drive shaft! The police assholes were abusing this bike so mindlessly that they had toasted the drive shaft rubber into black pudding.
Oh shit, I was happy to found this one and be able to service it myself – but I am worried nevertheless: how bad can you handle the bike to destroy its drive shaft in under 50.000 kms?

“Hear, now, what is that sticky sound coming out of the rear end” were my minds all the way from the beginning. If I knew the shaft was from two parts I would have never thought it was toast. But it was. Poor shaft, how can you handle such bad-ass handling, come on, that should be constitutionally forbidden!

And look, look, how the splines look like:

(left police handled 50 thousand, right german handled 30 thousand kms)
Geebus Cryses, give them Police a motorcycle and kill another BMW right there :(

Happy ending

Happily, put all together then. In the meantime changed all possible liquids and began to install lights.
This is how it looks at the moment:

(yes, I know fu**king is awesome too, but … look, I JUST DON’T HAVE TIME ok? :)

The outcome of the battle

  • eaten-off wiring harness, burnt handlebar switches, dead brake & clutch main cylinders.
  • burnt revcounter, gone FID,
  • dead fuel pump
  • toasted upper coil
  • fried TPS
  • spent clutch rear cylinder
  • shackled rear shaft drive
(Not mentioning gear oil in the form of yogurt and engine oil with cheese on top. Not saying anything about fairing yet!)

Whats next?

Now I have to get lights, blinkers, fairing, brakes and such basic stuff to get to work to be able to get it registered. This is the next immediate goal.
After that … who knows, I’ll probably want to make a rocket out of it :)

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